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Welcome To The Midlands Wing Chun School

The Midlands Wing Chun School is a full time teaching facility and is operated by Master Abid Mahmood.

Master Mahmood has been training in the Art of Wing Chun for over 30 years and is proud to represent the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung Fu assoc.   

The Midlands Wing Chun School has produced many talented Wing Chun teachers and students from all walks of life.  The intimate surrounding make for great personal attention and the club spirit builds a great atmosphere.


Lessons For Every Level

At the Midlands Wing Chun School we aim to make Wing Chun training accessible to all.  We will do our best, regardless of your ability, to get the most from the training possible.  

The children classes help create happy, healthy achievers who grow in confidence.  Parents inform us that their children are more motivated and focused.

We encourage the children to study hard at school and to be respectful of others.  

We have a full anti-bullying programme.

Classes Schedule

July, 2018
Los Angeles Wing Chun

Los Angeles Wing Chun

Los Angeles Wing Chun Master James Sinclair, the Founder and Chief Instructor, of the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung FU…

Wing Chun Summer Camp 2017

Wing Chun Summer Camp 2017 The Wing Chun Summer Camp 2017 This year master Nick Martin will be connecting the…
Wing Chun Pole Training

Wing Chun Pole Training MasterClass

Wing Chun Pole Training On Sunday June 25th 2017 James Sinclair held a Wing Chun Pole Training  MasterClass. The Luk…
Master Abid Mahmood is taking in new students ant the Midlands HQ in Birmingham during April 2017.

Wing Chun Beginners Class Birmingham

Wing Chun Beginners Class Birmingham Master Abid Mahmood will be taking on new Wing Chun Beginners in the Birmingham HQ.…


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Midlands Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

Top Kung Fu man - Nottingham wing chun martial arts Academy ...

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Instagram post by Sifu Abid • May 20, 2017 at 5:39pm UTC
14 Likes, 1 Comments - Sifu Abid (@midlandswingchun) on Instagram: “As requested, here is part 1 of Wing Chun puglists fron the Midlands Wing Chun Academy training,…”

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The method of madness in using only one arm for defending with. Essentially this methodology develops ambidexterity. There's only one percent of people who are able to use both left and right hand equally and independently. Here you can see a short clip of puglists from the Midlands Wing Chun Academy sparing freely at speed and with control. Clip has been slowed down so you can appreciate the difficulty and precision required to defend yourself from someone who is using both arms to attack you. ...

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1 years ago

Midlands Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

Master James has an impressive practical and theoretical knowledge that surpasses many at the master level. He makes Wing Chun skills come to life and demistify practical fighting against any art.

Of course you are permitted to disagree with his method of madness but only in theory, touch hands and your theory gets blown away.

Just love his honest and down earth approach no gimmicks simply a fist in your face. Take that!!!

Its customery for me to invite Master James to to deliver a Seminar at The Midlands Wing Chun Academy to share his wealth of knowledge & experience with my students..

However this year I will be opening the seminar up to everyone experience regardless of affiliation. These Seminar are normally restricted to low numbers to give everyone the opportunity get a one to one touch

So don't miss this opportunity of a life time.

You won't be disappointed as I enjoy every seminar Master James has delivered and I have not been disappointed after 33 years of Wing Chun.

For further details and early bird booking please contact me on 07967 308 323. Information will be updated on the Website shortly.

U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association
Helping You Use Wing Chun.

When training in Wing Chun Kung Fu, you will find certain situations can compromise the regular stance with the weight toward the back. Also you will find your training partners will try to 'break' your stance and leave you very vulnerable to inside leg kicks, sweeps and attacks to the groin.

James Sinclair began his Wing Chun Kuen training way back in the early 1970's and as a young, and very slim, individual realised it would be impossible to always hold ground. He developed very efficient footwork skills to be able to deal with the huge aggression and pressure that larger and more intimidating individuals would exert.

In this short clip you can see the pivot used to avoid and create angular attacks and counter defence positions.

Note that the weight toward to lead leg is essentially the exact same basic forward stance that every Wing Chun student is familiar with, it is, however, reversed. This allows for control of the opponents lead leg in certain positions.

This is just a short clip from a very detailed 3 hour seminar of footwork and sparring. As always it can be taken out of context as many other points were discussed before and following this section. We fully accept that for every point we make there is a perfectly correct counter argument ad infinitum.
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1 years ago

Midlands Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

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Join us for Wing Chun Martial Art every Thursdays


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