Midlands Wing Chun School

Welcome To The Midlands Wing Chun School

The Midlands Wing Chun School is a full time teaching facility and is operated by Master Abid Mahmood.

Master Mahmood has been training in the Art of Wing Chun for over 30 years and is proud to represent the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung Fu assoc.   

The Midlands Wing Chun School has produced many talented Wing Chun teachers and students from all walks of life.  The intimate surrounding make for great personal attention and the club spirit builds a great atmosphere.


Lessons For Every Level

At the Midlands Wing Chun School we aim to make Wing Chun training accessible to all.  We will do our best, regardless of your ability, to get the most from the training possible.  

The children classes help create happy, healthy achievers who grow in confidence.  Parents inform us that their children are more motivated and focused.

We encourage the children to study hard at school and to be respectful of others.  

We have a full anti-bullying programme.

Classes Schedule

February, 2017
Steve Hunt 2016 UK Wing Chun Assoc. Student of the Year

Steve Hunt 2016 Student of the Year

Steve Hunt 2016 Student of the Year For many years we have awarded a member of the UKWCKFA the Student…
The stylish UKWCKFA Wing Chun Training T-shirt is available in Bronze to all. This great Wing Chun training top wicks the sweat away and very comfortable.

Wing Chun Training T-shirts

Wing Chun Training T-Shirts The New Stylish Wing Chun Kung Fu training t-shirts are now in stock.  A great looking…
The UKWCKFA has only two compulsory gradings to move through classes. The Siu Nim Tao grading allows students to move to the advanced classes.

Siu Nim Tao Grading Wing Chun Kung FU

Siu Nim Tao Grading The UKWCKFA has only two compulsory gradings. These were instigated to separate beginners, intermediates and advanced…

Summer Camp 2016

Summer Camp 2016 Nick Martin Sifu will be conducting a weekend Summer Training Camp.  To download the full itinerary of…


Midlands Wing Chun Kung Fu School shared Spring Sports Leisure & Recreation's video — at Green Crescent Primary ...

Join us for Wing Chun Martial Art every Thursdays www.midlandswingchun.com/class-item/nottingham-wing-chun/

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The London Wing Chun School is under the guidance of the founder of the School Sifu Abdul Malik (Garry McKenzie). Sifu has direct lineage from Grand Master Ip Ching. Sifu Abdul Malik was kind in inviting the United Kingdom wing Chun Kung Fu Association's Sifu James Sinclair to present a seminar on Sparring. This was thrilling experience for partcipants as Sifu James is known to bring life to Wing Chun with his footwork and amazing had techniques. The seminar was well attended. ...

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Superbly technical chi sau training followed by light sparring at Kidderminster wing chun school to night. ...

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Midlands Wing Chun Kung Fu School added an event. ...

Midlands Wing Chun Kung Fu School Demo

February 21, 2016, 5:30pm - February 21, 2016, 5:45pm

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