Wing Chun Bridge Skills

Cham Kiu

Kicking & FootWork Seminar

Cham Kiu

Master James Sinclair, the founder and Chief Instructor of the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. will be conducting a Cham Kiu MasterClass.  The seminar is a very detailed event and will reveal the many common misconceptions that lead to a poor understanding and application of Wing Chun in real situations.  The Cham Kiu form is known as the ‘Bridge’ and it is within this form that the true efficiency and reality of Wing Chun skill is held.

The Cham Kiu is commonly known as the ‘Second Form’ of Wing Chun Kuen and it is vitally important to full understand the concepts hidden within in order to fully comprehend and apply the skills of this superb close range combat Art.

As is common n these events, the places are filling fast and it is recommended that you confirm your place first.

The seminar will be held at the UK Wing Chun Assoc. National HQ on

Sunday 17th April

from 1-4pm

Cost £50