Classes for the very experienced students

Birmingham Advanced Wing Chun Classes


Students Pass Grading to move to Advanced Classes

Students Pass Grading to move to Advanced Classes


Welcome to Midlands Wing Chun Training.

Wing Chun Training needs to be structured in order that you make gradual progress in a manner that not only makes sense, but brings personal reward too.

Here we will lay out the structure of OUR training classes in order that YOU can more easily understand the journey ahead in YOUR progression toward mastering the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

In order to ensure that YOU as students get the most from our classes throughout your journey through the Wing Chun system we have developed a three-tier approach to our classes.  We do not mix classes and you will not be going backward and forward constantly as new student wish to join.  You will always be moving forward.

Any student of a higher level can train in classes below the level they have achieved.  They can then continue to review basics, whilst at the same time are able to help and inspire the less able students.  Less experienced students are simply not allowed to train in the more advanced classes.



YOU made it!

In the Birmingham Wing Chun Advanced Classes YOU are now training alongside the most talented students and instructors in the UK.   The training in our advanced classes is kept secret, with only the students dedicated and skilful enough to pass their Sui Nim Tao grading permitted to attend.

In this class the whole of the Wing Chun System unfolds in front of YOU.  All of our our Open-Handed Forms, Wooden Dummy and Weapons training will be revealed.  Dedicated training at this level will make YOU a highly skilled close quarter fighter.   Alongside skilful, like minded people, YOU will develop the concepts of Wing Chun fighting taking your skills to new levels, continuing too grow into that most admired of positions… A true Martial Artist.



Students in the Advanced Class also have another exciting opportunity….  If YOU possess the drive, dedication and interest required to teach others YOU may be invited on to our Instructor Training Programme.  This is considered an honour amongst students who get to attend.   The monthly ‘Instructor Only’ seminars are conducted by Master Sinclair personally.    Master Sinclair covers EVERYTHING!  All aspects of teaching from body language, voice and and highly technical Wing Chun system is discussed and sometimes torn apart to reveal the often hidden application.

This is a four-year course that begins with YOU assisting at your local class under your teacher’s guidance, to eventually being supported within the Association to go out and spread your love of Wing Chun in a branch run by YOU.  Instructors who not only excel in their personal training but also demonstrate their teaching ability by producing Advanced Level students of their own are awarded the coveted title of ‘Sifu’.   This title is recognised worldwide as achieving the highest honour in the UK’s leading Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.