Master Abid Mahmood

Midland Wing Chun Kids Class

Midlands Wing Chun Kids Classes


Good Character

Midlands Wing Chun Kung Fu School provides an awe inspiring, challenging and supportive Martial Arts environment for children. We strongly believe that building a student’s good character starts at a young age and remains with them for life. Kids and younger children should be exposed to Good Martial arts instruction from a young age. We trust in a scholarship of Martial arts that should be a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience for every child. We believe it is possible to increase a child’s self esteem through our unique training program. Our wisdom is in our attention to detail in chiseling out an exceptionally good character of the student.



In Wing Chun Kung Fu getting a head entails more than raw talent it requires focus and flexibility. Our students gain knowledge, practical problem-solving skills set and personal qualities needed to succeed even in the face of adversity. The greater stamina your child has, the longer they would be able to focus on the task at hand. This ability to focus enables children to accomplish more difficult tasks as Success is the reward for concentrated effort.


Midlands Wing Chun Martial Arts begin and end with respect from this essential and affirmative principle. Our students are taught develop self respect as the touch stone for forming healthier caring relationships “Thoughtfulness for others, generosity, modesty, and self-respect, are the qualities which make a real gentleman, or lady, as distinguished from the veneered article which commonly goes by that name.” friendship, mutual respect and being respectful to everyone in the school, community and society at large.


All our students are taught to demonstrate high standards of behaviour, courtesy and   courage; development of self-control, self-motivation and self determination through Midlands    Wing Chun Martial Arts Spirit.

Self Confidence

Self confidence is shaped by a Childs thoughts, relationships and experience. Our students gain a sense of self-efficacy when they see themselves mastering new skills and achieving new goals. As their practical skill level and abilities increases so does their confidence, mental well being and Martial art spirit. They realise by training harder in a particular area, they succeed; and it’s this type of confidence that leads children to accept difficult challenges, and persist in the face of setback. By making an effort during every training session they gain greater confidence in their own belief, and are recognised as a leader by their peers.


Our students gain pleasure in improving their physical stamina, over a very short period of time they increase in strength, muscle tone and achieve greater staying power. The more resilience a child has, the longer they are able to exercise, and more benefits they get from physical activity. They strive harder and longer to reach their desired goals. Our students are emotionally stronger and have a healthy mind-set towards life and its challenges.  Regular training improves a child’s cardiovascular system and boosts their metabolism.

Self Defence

We teach our students to be safe by using a Traditional and contemporary approach to self protection. They will learn effective and powerful self-protection techniques; after all the indispensable attitude of a successful martial artist and a successful individual are self -confidence, respect, discipline, goal setting and effective leadership. Our target is for every child to achieve their Black Belt.