“Study the practical skills and methods of traditional Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu to help improve your health and self confidence and to learn a practical martial art”

Salaam Aleikum & Welcome to the Midlands Wing Chun School

Grandmaster Ip Chun and Master Abid Mahmood

The Midlands Wing Chun Academy is located in the heart of Birmingham.

First floor Unit 3/30 The Crescent

Hockley Birmingham B18 5LU

(behind the New Bingley, Birmingham B18 5LY)

This full time school can be found in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter in Northampton Street. Operated by Master Abid Mahmood who has over 30 years experience in Wing Chun Kung Fu, it is a small but flourishing school with a great atmosphere and dedicated teaching team.

We are the 1st Professional Full Time Centre of the UK Wing Chun Association in the Midlands.  The Midlands Wing Chun School will help you in you learn traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu in a modern and progressive manner.

Learn a practical fighting art, improve your health, weight management & reduce your stress levels & learn practical skills of every day self defence. The Midland Wing Chun School syllabus will benefit all and is suitable for all ages and abilities with children as young as 8 years attending our classes. Birmingham Wing Chun.

Self Defence

We teach our students to be safe by using a Traditional and contemporary approach to self protection. They will learn effective and powerful self-protection techniques; after all the indispensable attitude of a successful martial artist and a successful individual are self -confidence, respect, discipline, goal setting and effective leadership. Our target is for every child to achieve their Black Belt.


Violence is frightening and dangerous; it takes many years of training to deal competently with violent situations. At the Midlands HQ we strive to ensure that our pupils have all the tools to cope with a hostile situation. However we also focus on avoiding becoming a target in the first place. The use of common sense, having a good posture and positive body language will ensure this in most instances. We at the Midlands Wing Chun School are never the aggressors and always try to avoid physical confrontation.

‘When do I fight’

Any individual has to determine whether he/she has something to fight for. Most if not all people will fight/defend something that they believe in, even if they have nothing to fight with. We would all readily enter a situation, in which normally we wouldn’t, if our personal safety or the safety of loved ones is at stake. The Midlands School ensures that when such a situation arises then we have something to fight with, (that is pragmatic and practical Wing Chun).

‘Health is Wealth’

The first 6 months of training at the Midlands HQ mainly focuses on physical conditioning and superior health. I always try to ensure that each and every student leaves the class fitter and healthier that when they entered. I truly believe that a sound and solid physical fitness is required. If I teach Wing Chun and fitness in a haphazard way then my students will have haphazard Wing Chun that is Wing Chun which will always fold under pressure. Furthermore if you honestly know you could not run from a situation, I will not allow you to be fooled into believing that a few martial art tricks or poorly practiced techniques will save you.
I always say “Health is Wealth” – if we can’t keep our body healthy and fit then what use if any is there of defending it. (That is why I require my students in my beginner classes to perform 7000 continuous punches). Furthermore part of any students training will include body conditioning, sparring and real life scenario training (with use of protective gear). Your training will be progressive and will allow you to achieve your personal goals and more.
Our core syllabus includes:

• Cardiovascular Training
• Strength And Flexibility Training
• Sensitivity Drills
• Speed, Timing & Co-ordination Drills



At the Midlands HQ we will teach you life skills, which will be applicable throughout your life. Our ethos is SALAAM (Peace in Arabic). We will teach you how to be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. We aim to give you the tools to be able to defend yourself yet challenge you to be able to apply and use them effectively in self defence. However I must stress, that I DO NOT teach (or claim to teach) my students any mystical techniques, fantasy moves or supposed secrets of Martial Arts. What we do teach is Wing Chun, and expect my students to put in the training to be proficient in this wonderful art. No gimmicks, no exaggerated claims and categorically no short cuts.

The following is what you will invest in while training at the Midlands Wing Chun School:

• Your Health
• Your strength, flexibility & stamina
• Your self confidence & esteem
• Your ability to become proficient in a practical self defence
• Your fitness
• Reducing your stress levels

How you achieve peace and harmony in your life & much more…

As well as providing practical wing chun training and techniques my aim is to provide every student with a safe and friendly environment to train in. The school atmosphere is friendly and learning based yet the wing chun training will be focused and intense. Training at the Midlands Wing Chun School will give you the opportunity to meet and socialise with some truly nice and like minded people.