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Wing Chun Birmingham Adult Intermediate Classes

Welcome to Wing Chun Birmingham.

Students Pass Grading to move to Advanced Classes

Students Pass Grading to move to Advanced Classes


Wing Chun Training needs to be structured in order that you make gradual progress in a manner that not only makes sense, but brings personal reward too.

Here we will lay out the structure of OUR training classes in order that YOU can more easily understand the journey ahead in YOUR progression toward mastering the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

In order to ensure that YOU as students get the most from our classes throughout your journey through the Wing Chun system we have developed a three-tier approach to our classes.  We do not mix classes and you will not be going backward and forward constantly as new student wish to join.  You will always be moving forward.

Any student of a higher level can train in classes below the level they have achieved.  They can then continue to review basics, whilst at the same time are able to help and inspire the less able students.  Less experienced students are simply not allowed to train in the more advanced classes.



YOU will then move up to our Wing Chun Birmingham Adult Intermediate Classes.  In this class YOUR training will really get to explore the dynamic Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and it’s many so called ‘SECRETS’ are revealed.

Following through the skill sets of Wing Chun Kung Fu’s fist form, the ‘Little Idea Form’ (Sui Lim Tao) YOU will progress in learning the techniques and training drills that have made Wing Chun famous and respected fighting/self defence Art.  In the intermediate class YOU will begin combining the shapes and postures of Wing Chun to devastating effect.  We will help you YOU increase your reactions to multiple attacks over extremely short distance with our ‘Rolling Arms’ (Lok Sau) drills.  We will now also introduce you to the unique training approach of CHI SAU (Sticking Hands).  This will take your control, coordination and sensitivity training to a far higher level.

YOU will also begin to spar safely with your fellow students at this level, learning to react and cope with the unpredictability of ‘real life’ situations.  Our Grading at the end of this level is the Siu Nim Tao test and it is required that you pass this grading in order to progress to the next class.

It is a huge achievement to move on from this class.  The UKWCKFA firmly believe that nothing comes from nothing.  We simply do not hand out meaningless certificates.  Instead students set themselves the goal of passing this demanding grading, and have to work hard to succeed.   However, we find that it’s a challenge that students accept and enjoy at this point in their training.  With diligence, perseverance and ‘Martial Arts Spirit’ we will coach YOU up too and beyond this milestone in your Wing Chun journey.  Most students take between 1 year and 18 months to move through this level.