Rashad Mahmood

Rashad is a martial art enthusiast and currently trains under the guidance of Master Abid Mahmood of the Midlands Wing Chun School, based in Hockley, Birmingham.

He also trained with a lot of help form Sifu Zubbiar Khan who has now relocated to Glasgow in Scotland. Zubbiar still continues to make every effort to get back to the Midlands to continue his own training and guiding his younger kung fu brothers.

Rashad Mahmood’s Experience To Date
Training Wing chun since 2004 under Sifu Zubbair Khan and Master Abid Mahmood
Passed 1st and 2nd level grading within the UK wing chun syllabus and currently working towards the 3rd level grading
Began training BJJ and 2011.
Trains under Braulio Estima blackbelt (Multiple World and ADCC Champion)
Trains under former World Karate champion and MMA coach Professor Neil Simkin at Gracie Barra WS1 in Walsall.
• Promoted to BJJ brown belt in 2017 by Professor Neil Simkin
Competed and medalled in various BJJ Gi and No – gi competitions at all levels from White to Purple including:
British Open ( Gi and No-gi),
Hereford Open
BJJ 24/7
Inherited the UK Wing chun Walsall Branch in 2016 from Sifu Zubbair Khan
Experienced within fitness, conditioning and competition training all gained from over 10 years’ experience within Wing chun and BJJ
Trained with many martial artists and fighters from all backgrounds from Wing Chun, MMA, Team GB judo players and BJJ competitors.
To Contact Rashad
07977 108745